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    Urbanization of rural area benefits millions ofrural residents
    | Updated: 2016-10-14 10:58:18 | (chinadaily.com.cn) |

    Tianjin has contributed some creative ideas to the rural urbanization in recent years.

    For instance, Huaming town, as a pilot urbanization unit in the city’s Dongli District, is pushing forward the construction of industrial park, agricultural industrial park and modern living community for the rural residents. Tianjin is also increasing its rural residents’ income through four ways:

    Salary — to promote rural employment rate. Train the rural labor to meet the requirements of local state-owned enterprises, set up employment union and improve the local employment service websites. Share capital — to promote reform of property rights system in the rural area, and establish modern corporate system with voluntary consent of the rural residents, and to encourage market competition.

    For example in Dongli District, an investment company was set up, drawing in rural corporate funds and investing key local projects. The company gives a regular pay back to the shareholding villages. Efforts have also been made in collecting idle cash from rural residents, putting them into good use, giving local farmers an extra income.

    Land rental — build plants, business operation venues and residence on vacant land held by private farmers to increase their income and land use rate. Based on voluntary principles, Tianjin encourages rural collective economic groups and agricultural companies to exploit the vacant land held by local farmers. Following Corporate Law of the People’s Republic of China, the city encourages its villages to turn land into capital. The city is also leading rural rental capital to invest in hot commercial areas, the rent of which in turn will be given to the rural land-owners.

    Social securities — The city is improving its pension insurance for the rural population, rural retirement security and lowest living allowance; it is pushing forward new rural cooperative medical system, basic medical service for urban and rural employees, unemployment, occupational injury and fertility insurance; it provides supportive service for poor families, the physically disabled, victims of natural disasters, and poor students. It is building a strong network of social welfare that is widely covered, well designed and multi-layered. Since Tianjin started urbanization process of rural area in 2005, it has benefited millions of farmers. They truly taste the fruit of urbanization.

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